Project Management

Project management is about Resource management-Human and Material. We at SprimNet will help you(Individual or Organization) design a working project, based on Global proven practices. We optimize and finetune the available resources, define the Strategic objectives. This will output a Project that ensures and builds on Sustainability with visible Value for Money. Our team is capable and ready to do an in-depth analysis of every situation and tailor-make projects that are imp[actfull to the Society. We manage the process and together we co-create the Project.

Monitoring and Evaluation

We are here to offer support to organizations and Individuals to design result-oriented solutions to the problems and challenges they face while implementing projects. We conduct Baseline, Midline and Endline evaluations. We develop questionnaires, design evaluations and conduct Complex and simple data collection, analyze, visualize and report on findings. We have a dedicated and strong talented team that will ensure your project objectives are met. 

Sector experience includes Agriculture, Health, Education, WASH, Gender and many others.

Survey, Research & Data Collection

We conduct Baselines, Mid-terms and Endline Evaluations from the simplest to the most complex projects. We develop questionnaires and run the Data Management process. Our expert pool is well versed in Cspro, Survey Solutions, SurveyCTO, Epi-Info, FUlcrum, Kobo, DoForms and others. We test the developed questionnaires and offer training to your enumerators to help in immediate deployment to the field. At SprimNet, we are cognizant of Budget and Value and will as a first measure, recommend and advise on the best Methodology and system to use for both Qualitative and Quantitative Data collection. We also offer deployment and customization of Data Collection Systems to your Servers or to our Cloud system. 


From time to time, we offer trainings in various fields within M&E such as RBM, MERL, MEAL, Data Collection Systems, ToC and others on-site or virtual. Due to the current Covid19 outbreak, we have moved to an E-Learning portal where you can access our pieces of training. Click here to check for available courses.