Software & App Development

Ever wanted a Mobile App? CRM system? Forum System? SACCO system? Cloud System? Membership System? Data Warehouse? Here at SprimNet, we deliver on all the above and much more. Our expert pool has advanced programming language proficiency to deliver on almost every system needed. We translate your problem statements into a working product to solve your most urgent need. We audit your current systems, recommend upgrade or further customizations if needed. This is done through the use of complex Needs Assessment and System audits by our team of engineers. We involve the client in all the steps we undertake to deliver the final product putting in mind the available budget. We are Value-Based.


M&E Innovation Lab

Our M&E Lab is comprised of Experts in the field of M&E cutting across many sectors from health, education, agriculture, etc. We champion for doing things differently and usually explore alternative ways to ensure maximum project impacts. We use data gathered across different areas both public and private to come up with Models and Solutions relevant to enhancing project and program delivery. Our solutions are anchored on a robust ICT architecture that satisfies a client's curiosity. We develop and customize M&E solutions by bringing your scattered IS into one central place for smooth and efficient monitoring and management. We turn ideas into solutions. Contact us to learn more on how we can be of help to your organization.


Virtual M&E Cafe

We understand that there are the effects of Covid19 in the way we do things. Normal has been proven to be not working. ICT has been hailed as a bridge and need in these times and beyond. Our Virtual Cafe system will take you from Participant registration, Speakers/Moderators management to Transcript delivery. we help bridge the knowledge gap by providing development organizations the platform to host M&E discussions virtually throughout the world. Contact us to learn more at



We believe in online presence. At SprimNet, we don't just provide you with an online presence, our able team is highly skilled and experienced in numerous Web platforms that give you the presence and feel your firm needs. We help generate leads to sales, turn web-visitors into Loyal Customers. We are experienced in using Drupal, Concrete5, Backdrop, WordPress and Joomla CMS. Our turn around time is impressive and the end product is unmatched. Give us a try.



At SprimNet, we believe in existing everywhere at any particular time. We help organizations have their staff Connected through an Intranet or Extranet system. We link and automate the process of managing all your company devices from a Central System. Our Network team who are qualified and trained to handle all scenarios from Simple to Complex Network will be available on-site to ensure the interconnectivity of your devices and staff both on-prem and in the cloud.


ICT Advisory

An Organization anchored and connected through a working ICT System is essential to its growth. We don't just do Consultancy, we provide solutions and expert opinion relevant to your needs as an organization. Our ICT expert pool is well versed with the current technological trends. We will introduce you to a world where impossibilities and problems are reframed into Possibilities. We will be with you all the way and that is our promise to you.