Data Science & Business Analytics

Public and Private sector need data to provide key insights and make decisions relevant to having a Social Impact. At SprimNet, we will gather on your behalf needed data, cross-tabulate with data from other sources to provide key insights such as project performance or a system performance with a view to enhancing service delivery. At the same time, through the available data, we perform Business analytics to ensure that you are able to make decisions and shape policies based on facts and data. We are intense when it comes to data and always settle at nothing but the best. We have the best talent to help you along the way.


Data Visualization

Do you have data that you need to make sense of? We at SprimNet, will visualize and rigorously dig into your data to make the best use of it. We don't compromise on quality and neither do we run away from the quantity or the duration. We perform Scientific Visualization, Information Visualization and Visual Analytics. To visualize your data, our team Maps them from Data Space to Graphic space an output that is clear to understand and help you make informed decisions. We use D3.js, PowerBI, Tableau amongst other tools to perform visualizations.



ML  Modelling

Ever wanted to have a price-forecast? Risk Management? Object Classification? Then you are in the right place. Our team of experts uses numerous data sources to test, train and deploy models that help you grow your business. From food classification to Object classification for an Educational institution, Disease outbreak management, Crime Simulations, we will provide you with dynamic models that can be trained to perform needed tasks. We use your already available data and compare it with other data sources to come up with a rigorously trained model fit for use.



Our DATAVERSITY combines the aspects of Analytics and Business intelligence into one Hybrid Service. We offer services on Data Storage, Integration, Processing and analytics over a network. At SprimNet, we believe in ensuring our clients get the best use of their available data and can always access it within the shortest time possible and through a secure and convenient channel. We have the capability to offer this urgent and growing service to our clients. Contact us to learn more about this.